About Bearnstow

Bearnstow is a not-for-profit educational institution. It has nourished the arts and nature since 1946 when it was established as a children’s camp replacing a traditional Maine hunting and fishing camp dating from the early 1900s. Since 1994 it has sponsored day camp for children, weeklong workshops in dance and fine arts and sessions in the natural sciences. With its 65 acres of pristine forest, 2,400 feet of rocky shore on Parker Pond, and its historic, rustic camp facilities, Bearnstow is a uniquely suited venue for both art and natural history programs.

Our mission is to offer meaningful educational and artistic programming that fosters care of land and spirit, inspires freedom of individual expression, and promotes exploration of the natural world through the creative arts and sciences.

About the map

This project was conceived by Bearnstow Alumni and members of 3 Spice Dance: Molly Hess, Eliza Malecki, Ellen Oliver and Angela Cole

Producers: Molly Hess (Bearnstow Director), Tom Rowley (Story Map co-founder)

Project art: Sam Burnell

Developer: Philip Hickey

Dance Map teaser: Eliza Malecki

A special thanks to Maine Arts Commission and the individual donors who made this project possible!

Dedicated to Bearnstow founder Ruth Grauert (March 24, 1919- May 20, 2020)